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Unpacking Global Governance


15/16 June 2023

Graz, Austria

SZ 15.21 and online


In December 2021, a symposium entitled 'Unpacking Global Governance' was held to mark the founding of the department and to engage in an interdisciplinary discourse on the various facets of global governance. At the workshop and follow up conference on 15-16 June, the speakers will build on their contributions for the prior event, by adding fresh perspectives and renewing the scholarly dialogue against the contemporary challenges of governance in a transnational context.

This event is planned for two days, in a small setting (in hybrid form) with a round-table discussion of the draft chapters. Panels and keynote addresses will engage with the concept of ‘global governance’ from three perspectives: 

Part I. International order and governance: between multipolarity and universality (15 June 9:30 – 12:30)

Part II. Human and minority rights: between internal and external challenges (15 June  14:00 – 17:00)

Part III. Peace: between global and local demands (16 June 9:30 – 12:20)

Concerning various normative tools, structures and practices for and of transnational and international actors, the field of Global Governance is as wide as multifaceted. It refers to the often controversial relationships between local and national understandings of legitimacy with international norms and laws as well as it scrutinizes the issue of regional and global order. In order to locate crucial issues for global governance as such, this workshop will delve into three particular areas: international order, human and minority rights as well as peace. Scrutinizing related legal, societal, and political factors that are of transnational relevance, the edited volume, as a result of the symposium,  seeks to contribute to scholarship on Global Governance as such.

The symposium will be held in hybrid form. For the live stream of the conference, please click here:


Please note: The event will be recorded; the recording may be published, in part or in full, on the website of the Department of Global Governance.

To register for the on-site event, please contact Hannes Mayer.


Hannes Mayer

Telefon:+43 316 380 - 3281

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