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Czech Translation of Prof. Klatt's Paper

Mittwoch, 08.09.2021

Prof. Klatt's recently published paper Balancing Rights and Interests: Reconstructing the Asymmetry Thesis (Oxford Journal of Legal Studies) was translated into Czech and published in Ratio Publica, the new Czech Jornal dedicated to the Proportionality Theory. The volume in which this paper was published is the first issue of the Journal. The Journal is edited by JUDr. Martin Hapla, Ph.D. and Mgr. Bc. Linda Tvrdíková. Under the title Poměřování práv a zájmů. K Schauerově asymetrické tezi. Prof. Klatt's work is now available to an even broader community.

You can access the pdf version of the entire volume here.

Zdeněk Červínek, who translated Prof. Klatt's article, is now spending a month at Graz Jurisprudence as our new Guest Researcher. He is working on his Postdoctoral project on the limits of proportionality analysis and is also currently preparing an article on proportionality and legal certainty.


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