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GJ Talk: Kenneth Einar Himma

Donnerstag, 04.04.2019

Am 04.04.2019 lädt Professor Matthias Klatt erneut zu einem Graz Jurisprudence Talk. Kenneth Einar Himma wird zum Thema "There but for the grace of God go I: What people deserve and what people should get" vortragen. Der Vortrag in englischer Sprache befasst sich mit der Rolle von Glück für ein gutes Leben.

Das folgende Abstract bietet einen Ausblick auf den Inhalt des Vortrags:

Luck plays a bigger role in how well our lives go than one might initially think: luck determines, to some extent, how smart we are; how pretty we are; what kind of personality traits we have; whether or not we have competent parents; whether we are born in affluent countries or whether we are born in absolutely poor countries; whether our bodies are prone to certain physical illnesses or not; whether we are religious; and so much more.  We have so little control over so much that affects our lives that it raises a legitimate question as to whether anyone can claim to deserve any of the good or bad things that happen in our lives.

This raises a host of difficult questions concerning distributive and salvific justice, but I focus in this lecture on retributive justice as it pertains to crime and punishment.  There are four principal moral justifications for punishment: (1) the retributivist principle that people should get the punishment they deserve for having committed a crime; (2) the utilitarian principle that people should be punished in a manner that maximally deters other people from committing crimes without punishing them in a manner that is morally excessive or disproportionate; (3) the prophylactic principle that the point of punishment is to segregate or execute the offender for the purpose of preventing him or her from committing future crimes; (4) the rehabilitative principle that people should be punished as a means of rehabilitating them and preparing them to reenter society; and (5) the closure principle that people should be punished to afford direct and indirect victims of the crime emotional closure.  While I am principally concerned with luck and the retributivist principle, which I reject as incoherent, I will also the utilitarian and closure justifications and argue that the only legitimate justifications for segregating criminal offenders are prevention of crime and rehabilitation.

Der Graz Jurisprudence Talk mit Kenneth Einar Himma findet am 04.04.2019 von 18:30 - 20:00 Uhr im HS 15.03 (Resowi Bauteil C/EG) statt.

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