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GJ Talk: Nicolas Emanuel Olivares - Democratic Legitimacy, Republicanism, and Constitutional Review

Donnerstag, 24.09.2020

Online GJ Talk concerning constitutional control

Save the Date!

Next Tuesday, 29th Sept. 2020 6 p.m., Mr. Nicolas Emanuel Olivares will give a talk about democratic legitimacy, republicanism, and constitutional review.

The talk centers around the complex political institution of constitutional control. Its democratic legitimacy from a normatie perspective will be evaluated, particularly from a contemporary republican approach. A third approach, to the ones proposed by Richard Bellamy and Tom Hickey will be presented.


The talk will be given via Skype4Business and is open to everyone who is interested.

To join the talk follow this link: https://meet.uni-graz.at/nadine.mueller/W012CS3W


See you there!

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