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GJ Workshop Series Re-Launch

Mittwoch, 23.06.2021

Our GJ Workshop Series is revived in a new format!

Our university assistants Johanna Heinemann and Melanie Maurer are re-launching the GJ Workshops!

Originally the GJ Workshops were intended for Prae- and PostDocs to present their work in-progress and get feedback on their ideas from peers. These Workshops were always kept very small and usually included only the speaker and the other GJ members. With the pandemic these Workshops were not doable anymore.

However, Johanna and Melanie decided to revive the Workshops and adjust it to the current situation. While the core principle of the Workshops stays the same, namely that early-career scholars can present their work in-progress and get feedback on it, some new features were added:

The Workshops will now take place online via Zoom which allows for a wider audience.
The Workshops are transformed into a Series with an overarching theme, namely Constitutional Theory x Legal Philosophy (subject to change).
The Workshops are envisaged not only as a forum for exchanging ideas, but also as a means of connecting with peers and building a lasting network.


The first session of the new GJ Workshop Series will take place next week, 30th of June, 2021, 3 p.m. CEST with a presentation by Jairo Lima on "Judicial Decision-Making: Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments". You can find the invitation for this meeting here.

If you're interested in joining them next week, please e-mail either Johanna (johanna.heinemann@uni-graz.at) or Melanie (melanie.maurer@uni-graz.at) to get the Zoom link.

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