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New book by prof. Matthias Klatt: "Hacer el Derecho Explícito"

Freitag, 08.12.2017

Marcial Pons, the prestigious Spanish publisher, has launched "Hacer el Derecho Explícito" by Univ.- Prof. Dr. iur. Matthias Klatt. The book corresponds to the translation into Spanish of "Theorie der Wortlauntgrenze". The original book was the recipient of the European Award for Legal Theory in 2002.

According to Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Robert Alexy:

"This book represents, on the one hand, a reception of Robert Brandom's important theory including applications of this theory in the field of legal philosophy and, on the other, an exploration of the limits of an appeal in legal interpretation to the text. The enquiry thereby impinges upon the central juridico-philosophical themes of meaning, objectivity, and normativity. The author's work counts as a significant contribution to analytical jurisprudence and is deserving of a wide readership".

A slightly modified version of the book was previously translated into English in 2008 by Hart Publishing.


Spanish version here  |  English version here  |  German version here.



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