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New Seminar on Deliberative Constitutionalism

Montag, 18.02.2019

Summer Term 2019


International Constitutional Law: Deliberative Constitutionalism

This seminar addresses the emergent discipline of Global Constitutionalism. This semester special focus will be given to discussing deliberative constitutionalism.

Judicial review has been the focus of diverse approaches and critics. Deliberative constitutionalism is just one of many theories aiming to provide an answer for legitimate judicial review and enforcement of human rights. 

The seminar will examine relevant texts from prominent authors aiming to discuss the foundations and repercussions of deliberative constitutionalism in national and international courts.

In addition, students will count with an innovative teaching concept which combines the substantial discussion with training of rhetorical competences. Techniques of legal argumentation, discussions, and presentation skills will be addressed.


Limited number of participants. Prior registration in UniGrazOnline is required.

First session and assignment of topics: Wednesday, 06 March 2019, 18:30, SR 15.23 (RESOWI C2).


The seminar will be held on 13 and 14 May 2019, outside Graz, at Bildungshaus Schloss Retzhof, 8430 Leitring/Wagna, including one over-night stay.

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