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Prof. Klatt comments on the Future of Democracy

Montag, 26.04.2021

Last friday Prof. Klatt participated in the conference Constitutionalism 2030: A Prediction, organized by the law factulty's dean Prof. Bezemek, which dealt with various aspects, actors and areas of constitutionalism. The challenge posed to the speakers, was to give a prognosis of the future developments of constitutionalism in their field of interest.

In his talk Prof. Klatt shared his thoughts on the concept and the state of present-day democracies and then gave his estimation which of these current, often problematic developments will continue to shape the future of democracy. He ended his talk, however, not without also proposing a remedy: only by refocussing on the role of citizens in deliberation, he argues, the practice of democracy will finally be able to live up to the ideals of our theories of it.

Based on this talk and on the many helpful comments he received, Prof. Klatt will write a paper, which will be published in the collected volume of this conference. We will let you know as soon as it comes out!

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