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Prof. Klatt's New Paper on Theory of Legal Science

Montag, 25.01.2021

Graz Jurisprudence is happy to annouce another success of the year 2020: Prof. Klatt's paper 'Integrative Jurisprudence: Legal Scholarship and the Triadic Nature of Law' was published in the latest issue of Ratio Juris

In this paper Prof. Klatt deals with a question that among legal scholars is highly disputed, namely that regarding the nature of their very own trade. He shows how some of these disputes can be laid to rest, when a triadic understanding of law is adopted, which encompasses law’s real, ideal and, as newly additioned in this paper, also its discursive dimension. The result is a comprehensive and holistic account of legal scholarship, which is inclusive, pluralistic, dynamic, and democratic.

The full text is available here.


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