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Teaching of the Department of Global Governance

The department offers interdisciplinary courses that deal with current topics from politics and society (e.g. crises of rule of law and democracy, integration and diversity, international conflicts and peace processes, etc.) and focus on international, transnational and global challenges. Accordingly, many courses are held in English. 

The current and future course offerings of the department can be found on the following pages and in Unigraz online.

This offer is enriched by exciting courses from the Conflict, Peace and Democracy Cluster, which deal with current social topics (e.g. misogyny 2.0, participation and political education, etc.) 

Together with the CPD Cluster, the training focus "Peace, Conflict and Democracy" is offered for the study of law (curriculum version 18W). The training focus is strongly interdisciplinary. Starting from a legal basis, it integrates social and political science disciplines. The program aims to provide students with knowledge about the emergence and management of domestic, inter-ethnic and international conflicts, the embedding of these conflicts in political communities and their "regulation" by the legal system as well as alternative conflict resolution mechanisms. Accordingly, a broad repertoire of possibilities for analysis and adequate intervention in the respective conflict situation will be acquired.

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